Perfect time to build It and AI

Perfect time to build It and AI

This is the perfect time to try to implement a new system to help us achieve our Goals. 2 employee will leave our Company at the end of April, 2018.At present, we have a consulting section and a call center.

These two sections require a lot of human resources, now my idea is to try to automate these tasks.

It takes about 3 to 5years to train consultants to provide accurate service to clients.

But by automating the system we will be able to do it in 6 to 12monts.

This is necessary to build a Data base with Q&A and FAQ.

Once the Data base is completed we will be able to support our clients firster and more efficiently providing better service to our customer is a good thing.

We will also automate analyzing Data from Nursing care business for example sec of a patients, age, illness and cure.

This info we will receive from patients, family member or the nursing facility.

This Data base will be make available to the public and nursing care facilities.

By using this Data base will be look after the sick family members.

Nursing care facilities will also have more info available to take care of their patients.

This will standardize care plans for patients. This is better than the present systems where the care plans very from very poor to very good.

That why I will not miss the staffs that will be leave.


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