The only way to provide a lot of M  to highly qualified nurses or caregivers my point of view.

The only way to provide a lot of M  to highly qualified nurses or caregivers my point of view.

Today I want to talk about potential patients who want to have nursing care services without using their insurance.

Patients who expect better services and better food and better care by experienced nurses or caregivers.

Last month a very rich person 77years old died as everybody know.
He had a live in nurse who took about care of him. I am looking for more wealthy people like him. Because they expect to get much more superior support in their old age.

They might need some special or unusual support.
That is not covered by Japanese insurance. But it would be covered if it is payed privately.

Maybe they are fewer than half a million people who are very wealthy in Japan.
They would be the perfect target for next BIZ venture.

By the way, I think 77years old man who died last month might have been killed.
So very wealthy people always face the risk of being killed by someone closed to them.

Because of inheritance. So our service would be to provide professional nurses who can look after the wealthy patients medical needs and the any thread against the wealthy people.

This Biz is a very NITCH market and will require professional nurses and support dealing with final years of these wealthy sick patients.

Our qualified nurses would be able to take the patients out shopping and trips around the world .In the past I focused on other end of the wealth spectrum. For this Biz model We needed a lot of people to focus on getting BIZ. Now new model we need fewer people to focus on. This will reduce our overhead costs.

This is the only way to provide a lot of money to highly qualified nurses or caregivers

This commnent made discuss wit my mentor Mr Culz every time nice and friendlly . thanks

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